A while back I did a post on a template for groomsmen invitations, or ask-your-friends-to-be-in-your-wedding invitations, and so far it has been a hit.

Now it is time for the girls. I put together two very classy, cute, and versatile templates for you lovely brides-to-be to download, personalize and give to your girlfriends. You can download both of these at the end of this post =]

Here is the FIRST one:

 Aren't these sweet! I know, I would love getting one of these. And the best part is you can give your bridesmaids-to-be a little gift, to bribe them you know=]!

Here is the SECOND one:

This is a simple and easy way to ask your bridesmaids. Takes no time at all, unlike what I did for my wedding. Check it out here for more ideas, but it took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

The "gifts" I used are things I had in my make up bag, which happened to be the right size. You can really use anything girly and pretty. Just make sure it is on the flatter side, or it wont fit in an envelope. And speaking of envelopes these are the perfect size for an A7 envelope. When printing use at least 80lb paper.

To download the FIRST one go here and here.

To download the SECOND one go here and here.

Enjoy and send me pictures if you end up using them, I'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy Crafting and Happy Wednesday Dolls!!!


Inca Market finds

Brian had the last few days off so we spent them going to the movies [ I heart Wolverine ], eating, and walking around Inca Market. Which you can probably guess is the local touristy, chachki selling place.

I have a few favorite shops there and these are the things I always check out and marvel while there =]

I l.o.v.e these mirrors! I've bought a few of the smaller ones, but I really want a big one. The paintings, too, are amazing. There a many small painting stores, they all have mostly the same stuff in them, but I particularly like the town/market scene ones.

I leave you with these guys, aren't they cool?! I love llamas =] I might have to do a post on llamas and my obsession with them soon =] =] =]!

Happy Tuesday Guys!!!


neighborhood gems

Today I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite places in Lima, Peru. It's a restaurant called AlmaZen, it's just a few blocks away from our apartment and I just love walking by it. It is painted the prettiest color =]

find original image @ http://veganbackpacker.com
The folks that run it have a stand at the farmers market, which is how we found this place, where they sell all kinds of cakes, strudels, breads, and other yummy Peruvian dishes. They are all vegan and organic, which is a plus. I am not vegan, or pretend to eat all organic, but their food is SO GOOD!

Even their info/business cards are organic-ky looking =] I'll make sure I snap some photos of their food next time I'm there. For now, if you are really interested, go here and here for a preview of the space and food =]

Happy Monday Friends!!!


bridesmaids sneak peek

I've got a FUN post for you next week. It's a bridesmaids invitation freebie!!! Oh yeah =] I made one for the guys and now, due to popular demand, it's time for the girls.

Stay tuned, it is coming your way next week!

Happy Friday Friends!


the White House writes back

As promised here is the RSVP we received from the White House.

Isn't this neat?! I was beyond excited when we got it in the mail.

Happy Thursday Darlings!!!


address labels and freebies!

 I love printable freebies!!! Nothing better than creative folk sharing their art with the rest of us. I gave it a go here, with the address labels I made for our wedding invitations!

We sent an invitation to the White House. Who knows, they could've showed up...haha. Well they didn't, but we did get a sweet card from them =] I'll share it with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!


I had so much fun making these and sending them out to friends and family. Now I'm sharing it with you.

All you need to do is right click on the picture below, save as, and then print on a 8.5" X 11" full sheet label paper. This is the kind I used, matte not glossy especially if you will be hand writing the addresses. You can also plug this in Photoshop and type them in. Go here to download the PDF template.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!


washi tape and stamps

 I'm a tiny bit into washi tape these days. While in Seattle, a couple of months ago, I would probably go to Michael's at least 3 times a week. Hobby Lobby was too far from my parents house =]. Anyways they would have these 50% off sales on washi tape all the time, and I bought quite a bit of it.

I used it to decorate the envelopes of the"Thank You" cards I sent out after my Bridal Shower. I also went a bit crazy with the stamps, but I had some 5c and 10c ones left over from the invitations and I didn't want them to go to waste =].

I'm off to a Peruvian cooking class, we are making Sopa Criolla. Should be fun!

Happy Monday Dolls and Dudes!!!


home jewelry

The one thing I really miss about being home is collecting pretties for our home and displaying them around the house. But oh boy do I search the web and drool over home accessories.
                                                                               you can find the original images @ www.restorationhardware.com

This week's objects of desire come to you from the Restoration Hardware's online catalog. I really enjoy their busts, urns, and finials collections. I find them gorgeous, classic, and also very melancholy.

Growing up I remember my parents had a small bust of Napoleon, which sat on a bookshelf in our living room. Naturally I now need a bust in my life =]!
                                                      you can find the original images @ www.restorationhardware.com

I'm also really liking all the paddles they have featured. I've seen some like these on pinterest and I'm wondering if I can recreate them on the cheap...

Lastly this awesome coral display! I don't know if I would go as far as buying one, but I love the soft white against the charcoal background.

And go on, leave me a comment. How do you dress up your home? Where do YOU find inspiration?

Happy Thursday Friends!


sweet thanks

I'm starting the wedding craft posts with our " Thank You" sweets. I got my inspiration through hours on pinterest and this lovely pin, which I found here. Now those were used as place cards, but mine turned out pretty good as well.

What you'll need to recreate these:
this paper punch, a 5/8" heart punch, 1 sheet of label paper, small wood stakes you can find at Michael's, or stirrer sticks, and some cute paper to print your "Thank Yous" on.

Start by printing "Thank Yous" on desired paper, use your punch to cut them out. Use 5/8" heart punch to cut out desired amount of heart stickers from the label sheet. 

Next, apply hearts to the wood stakes and then stick those to the back side of the "Thank You" cut outs.

Once you have all of those done, take your Ferrero Rocher candy and remove the small stickers on top. Next stick wood stake in the middle of all of them!

TA DA! The finished product!!! How cute are they, right?! These are some, which our friends took at the wedding, you can find more snap shots of our wedding here.

These are some by our awesome photographer, Arlene. Find more of her amazing work here.

Go here to download the "Thank You" template I made.

Happy Wednesday and Happy Crafting Friends.


let's talk bathtubs!

I always seem to like the idea of taking a bath better than actually taking a bath. It's because the bathtubs I've experienced have failed me. They never seem to be comfortable enough and are always so...so blahhhh! Today however, I found the most brilliant and beautiful bathtub ever! It's in the current (July/August) issue of ELLE DECOR.

Oh I truly LOVE everything about this whole bathroom! The problem is that it is at Bobby Flay's house. Wonder if they'll let me take a soak...hahaha yea, right =]

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!


sans souci

 Let's talk about inspiration. What inspires you? What makes sparks fly? Me? I seem to find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. This one in particular I've loved since I was about 6. I remember my dad telling me about castles and showing me a book about one he'd been to. That's when my love for all things pretty, shiny, and cast in gold started.

Here it is, the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany. In French sans souci means carefree, who wouldn't want to live there.

This is the Chinese House. I love everything about it, but the best part has to be the gold leaf statue of the person in a rickshaw with an umbrella, on the roof!!! What? Who does that? Well German royalty certainly does =] LOVE IT!

Leave me some comments, I would love to know what inspires you?

Happy Monday Friends!


object of desire

Well, another fine Friday has come and how excited am I?!! Very! It's our first weekend back in Lima and I cannot wait to eat some food and hang out with friends! Those two things and the fact that I get to be with Brian all the time, as opposed to skyping for maybe an hour each day like we did the passed two months, are making life here less...let's just say it, let's just say it, less sucky.

Tonight, we are off to Brujas de Cachiche (it means the Witches of Cachiche). It's far less ominous than it sounds and the best part is that it is just two blocks away from our house! WIN! You can check it out here.

Another thing that made my day is that I finally found this awesome pendant light, which I've been obsessing over. The best part? IT'S A DIY!!! Oh, Happy Day!

I first saw this beauty, almost a year ago in an issue of Real Simple. I really wanted it, but the fact that it was just going to collect dust in our storage unit and it's price, $440 for the small one, just wouldn't allow me to buy it...wha-wha-wha

However help was near. Just today I came across this lovely lady's blog. There, I found a tutorial about how to make one!!! The process looks like it might take a bit of time, so they are also offering to make one for about $200! Now that sounds much better! Check out this awesomeness right here =]

Happy Friday and Happy Crafting Friends!