Jason & Rhonia | Wedding Invitations

This time last week I was pool side with a drink in my hand enjoying the beautiful SoCal weather. It was glorious! We were down in San Diego for the wedding of our amazing friends Jason and Rhonia. These are their beautiful wedding invites!

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A Story Book Save The Date | Andrea & Spencer

Inspiration, as you may know, as you SHOULD know, is all around. Just like love =]. With that being said, what did people do before all the various social media outlets and image gathering gadgets[:)], I do not know. But anyhow. I was on instagram and found this beauty. It's a save the date stamped on a page from The Fellowship Of The Ring and it is presh! I, naturally, wanted to know more of the HOWs and the WHYs [mostly "Why didn't I think of that?"] involved in the making if it. After some back and forth emailing with the lovely Alexis, I found out that she made these for her sister's wedding. Also that Alexis, Andrea & Spencer [aka Bride & Groom] are huge fans of LOTR and geeks after my own heart.

Here is what you will need, if you want to make your own version of these:
  • white acrylic paint
  • pages from a book
  • a design to apply to the pages
Alexis found the books at a second hand bookstore and ended up using select chapters of two, one is the LOTR and the other Harry Potter. The pages that made it were from the chapters: A Long-expected Party, The Fellowship Of The Ring, Many Meetings, the Unbreakable Vow...so cute! With the help of friends and family the pages were painted and when dry, they were
stamped. Alexis created the design of the stamp and had it made at Sparkvites. The back of the Save The Date holds a sweet personal touch, the story of how the Bride-and-Groom-to-be met. Turns out their families were friends all along!

Check out the amazingly creative Alexis at her Etsy shop - ATYPeICAL, where she draws up all kinds of wonders. Also, I got a sneak peek of the wedding invitation suite and we are all in for a treat. Can't wait to share that too!

Happy Tuesday Dolls and Happy Crafting!


Wedding Invitations | Artisanal Whimsy

I love WEDDINGS (like you didn't know) and with wedding season in full force, today's post only makes sense. This beauty comes to us from the crafty hands of my awesome co-worker Erin! She and her fiancé Tanner, are getting married this July, here in Washington. Erin created this complete invitation suite by hand, with a light box, a pointed calligraphy nib, and lots of sheets of paper. The calligraphy on all of their envelopes was also done by her. My favorite part about these invitations is the story behind the stamps. They are from the collection Erin and her mom gathered, while she was growing up. HEART-->MELTED

The envelopes are from Neenah Paper, the Environment line in ‘Concrete’.
The RSVP cards and map are on Neenah Paper, the Environment line in ‘Desert Storm’.
The invitations are on Neenah Paper, Crane's Lettra in Pearl White.

Have a Happy Wednesday and a Very Happy Wedding Season!


Wedding Invitations | Rustic Romance

One of my best friends is getting married in two weeks! I am so excited to be a part of her special day, it's going to be awesome! A couple of months back Sue, Sumi (her sweet sister) and myself had a craft day; we were putting together wedding invitations. I mean, come on, craft day + wedding + friends = a good time!

Sue designed and printed the invites, Sumi and I helped cut them out and assemble! With the help of cookies of coffee =]

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A few of MY favorite things

A combination of my love for dinner and cake, a good animal print and a strong drink, and of course my sweet hubby =].
Last year a great friend of ours took us to dinner at LUC in Madison Park. And for that, we thank you  Akida! I can't say enough good things about that place. Whenever we get a chance, we make sure to stop by. This is our latest visit, a couple of weeks ago.

I also had a giant pork chop, but was too busy eating to take a picture =]=]=].
Happy Tuesday Friends!!!


Wax Pouring Chicks | for the love of candles

*This is not a sponsored post, I simply find joy in helping others. All opinions are my own.

Let's talk about the friends we make when we least expect, shall we?! This past December, Brian and I went to Cabo and we met some amazing people! Since then we've kept in touch and still reminisce about those sunny, lazy days spent by the pool, drink in hand. One of these people is Vanessa, from Australia! She recently joined her sister-in-law's business and today she is sharing her love of candles and how you can get your hands on one. Their candles are gorgeous and with plenty of scents to choose from!

Here is a little Q&A with her-

M: Tell me about your brand!
V: My sister in law Cveta created Wax Pouring Chicks last year with her sister and since then I have come on board to manage the business which is blooming, hence why we together are the ‘Wax Pouring Chicks'.
M: What sizes are the candles available in?
V: We have two sizes medium and grand that can be used for décor and we have favours in two sizes of petite and tall.
M: What are the different messages/labels you have available?
V: We have our standard labels of LOVE, HOPE, BABY, HOME, BATH and we also personalize candles to suit the individual. 
M: How can the candles be ordered and where can people find out more about your shop?
V: Anyone interested in our candles can follow us on instagram @waxpouringchicks, email us info@waxpouringchicks.com, or like us on Facebook at Wax Pouring Chicks. Payments can be made via PayPal; all prices are in Australian dollars.
M: Do you ship to the US?
V: We ship worldwide.

I was also told that the pictures below were taken at the wedding of a famous Australian (...wait for it...) footballer celebrity!!!

Happy Thursday Darlings!!!


Spinach | Mango | Ginger Smoothie with Vanilla Protein

So, there's a bridesmaid dress I need to look fab in this May. I'm doing all I can with hot yoga and eating better, but I have to say my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Every morning I have myself a smoothie and I'm ready for the day. This one is the bomb.com!!! It is so smooth and creamy and fresh and just WOW! Protein and fiber packed, and very filling.

Spinach | Mango | Ginger Smoothie with Vanilla Protein
makes about four 8oz cups @ 75cals per cup

4 cups spinach
1 cup mango [frozen or fresh]
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/3 cup water
1" piece ginger [peeled]
1 scoop vanilla protein
1-2 tsp flax seeds

Add all ingredients to a blender and BLEND, not pulse, for 2-3 minutes. It comes out creamy and amazing! Make it.

Happy Friday Dolls!