washi tape and stamps

 I'm a tiny bit into washi tape these days. While in Seattle, a couple of months ago, I would probably go to Michael's at least 3 times a week. Hobby Lobby was too far from my parents house =]. Anyways they would have these 50% off sales on washi tape all the time, and I bought quite a bit of it.

I used it to decorate the envelopes of the"Thank You" cards I sent out after my Bridal Shower. I also went a bit crazy with the stamps, but I had some 5c and 10c ones left over from the invitations and I didn't want them to go to waste =].

I'm off to a Peruvian cooking class, we are making Sopa Criolla. Should be fun!

Happy Monday Dolls and Dudes!!!

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  1. I love washi tape, but I can never find any around my city!