neighborhood gems

Today I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite places in Lima, Peru. It's a restaurant called AlmaZen, it's just a few blocks away from our apartment and I just love walking by it. It is painted the prettiest color =]

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The folks that run it have a stand at the farmers market, which is how we found this place, where they sell all kinds of cakes, strudels, breads, and other yummy Peruvian dishes. They are all vegan and organic, which is a plus. I am not vegan, or pretend to eat all organic, but their food is SO GOOD!

Even their info/business cards are organic-ky looking =] I'll make sure I snap some photos of their food next time I'm there. For now, if you are really interested, go here and here for a preview of the space and food =]

Happy Monday Friends!!!

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