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Well, another fine Friday has come and how excited am I?!! Very! It's our first weekend back in Lima and I cannot wait to eat some food and hang out with friends! Those two things and the fact that I get to be with Brian all the time, as opposed to skyping for maybe an hour each day like we did the passed two months, are making life here less...let's just say it, let's just say it, less sucky.

Tonight, we are off to Brujas de Cachiche (it means the Witches of Cachiche). It's far less ominous than it sounds and the best part is that it is just two blocks away from our house! WIN! You can check it out here.

Another thing that made my day is that I finally found this awesome pendant light, which I've been obsessing over. The best part? IT'S A DIY!!! Oh, Happy Day!

I first saw this beauty, almost a year ago in an issue of Real Simple. I really wanted it, but the fact that it was just going to collect dust in our storage unit and it's price, $440 for the small one, just wouldn't allow me to buy it...wha-wha-wha

However help was near. Just today I came across this lovely lady's blog. There, I found a tutorial about how to make one!!! The process looks like it might take a bit of time, so they are also offering to make one for about $200! Now that sounds much better! Check out this awesomeness right here =]

Happy Friday and Happy Crafting Friends!

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