Country Wedding Invitation | Christmas Ornament | DIY

Merry Christmas Lovely People! Hope you are all having a great time celebrating with family and friends. Brian and I are headed to my parents house, but before we go, and as promised, I wanted to share the last wedding invite turned ornament I made this year. Here it is, last but certainly not least, the ornament I made for my lovely maid of honor Amaleah.

Alright, for this ornament I used: one invitation, scissors and a rotary cutter, one glass ornament, one round pencil, some dried flowers, hot glue and gun [not pictured], thin green ribbon [not pictured].

First I cut up the invite into strips and then I wrapped them around the pencil to make little spiral paper ribbons.

Next I added the dried flowers and the paper spirals to the glass ornament and put the top back on.

For a more finished look I wrapped the green ribbon around the top cap and secured it with hot glue. I also tied a small bow and hot glued that to the front of the cap. A small piece of ribbon was also added to the top loop of the cap so it could be hung.

I hope my little Christmas crafts have been entertaining and helpful to you. I am taking a little break for the rest of the week and heading out to see Brian's family. I'll see you darlings on Monday!

Happy Christmas!


Cabo San Lucas | Part 2

I've decided I'm taking a little break today from Christmas crafts. Instead, I'm going back to paradise! Time for more pictures from Cabo =] One of the days during our vacation we took a boat out to the famous arch. It was pretty awesome! I could not get enough and want to go back a.s.a.p! These are some of the things we saw along the way.

This slice of heaven here is Lovers Beach
And here it is, The Arch =]

Another really great part about our trip was all the friends we made. It made our trip that much better. Here is the "Gang" having fun at Cabo Wabo =]! Please excuse my dry hair and my inability to take pictures like a normal person =]=]=] Also, thank you Vanessa for the pictures!

Happy Christmas Eve Darlings. Hope you have an amazing time with family and friends and I'll see you right back here tomorrow with yet another Christmas craft!

Happy Tuesday Dolls!


Beach Wedding Invitation | Christmas Ornament | DIY

Afternoon Dolls! Could you have possibly guessed that I would have yet another invitation turned ornament to show you today?... Well I do, I SO DO! At first I thought I'd just do a compilation of all of them but, NAH, these turned out way too pretty not to be shown individually =]. I made this beauty for our dear friends Michelle and Robert. They had a beach wedding [as much as you can have one in Seattle] and I wanted this ornament to reflect that. Michelle was also one of my bridesmaids.

At this point you are probably familiar with the method, but I will show you what I did anyway. What you will need for this beach themed ornament: one wedding invite [cut up into strips of different sizes], scissors or rotary cutter, one round pencil, tiny seashells, one round 3" glass ornament, hot glue and gun [not pictured], thin ribbon in color of choice [I bought mine at Joann's, for $0.50 per roll].

First thing I did was to fill up the ornament about half way with some pretty shells I bought at Micheal's [you can also add sand first and then shells, but I didn't have any sand on hand]. Next I twisted all of the paper strips around the pencil to make spiral ribbons. When I was done with those, I added the twists to the glass ornament.

To finish if off I wrapped, the thin gray ribbon around the top cap and secured with hot glue. I tied a bow out of that same ribbon and hot glued that to the presumed front of the ornament. I also tied some of the same ribbon to the top loop of the cap, to hang the ornament from. I used the same brown polka-dotted paper bag as gift wrap =]

There you have it dolls one more, but certainly not the last, wedding invitation turned Christmas ornament. Hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know what you think and if it's something you might do!

Happy Monday Darlings!


Peacock Wedding Invitation | Christmas Ornament | DIY

Surprise! Today I have another wedding themed Christmas ornament! I just can't get enough. I made a few for my friends and don't worry you will see all of them! This one I made for Ashley, one of my bridesmaids. ENJOY!

This girl, if you can't tell, loves her some peacock's feathers. She made this beautiful wedding invite all on her own and I almost felt bad cutting it. Ok! So for this little project I used: one wedding invite + RSVP card and envelope, one glass ornament, one round pencil, scissors and/or rotary cutter, one peacocks feather, a small flower paper punch, hot glue and gun [not pictured], thin gray ribbon [not pictured]. I was also hoping to use some lamb's ear branches, the grayish sticks in the picture, but ended up not...

First thing I did was to cut up the invitation into strips of various sizes. I left the pink paper intact, so I could use the paper punch on it.

After I had cut out the strips and flowers, I moved on to twisting the paper strips around the pencil in a spiral. I did these one at a time and it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r!

The easy part came next. I added the pink flowers, the paper twists and lastly the peacock's feather to the glass ornament and replaced the top back on. To finish things off I wrapped a piece of thin gray ribbon around the outside of the top and secured it with hot glue. I made a bow out of the same ribbon and hot glued that too, to the presumed front of the top cap. I wanted to have something to hang the ornament off of, so I added a piece of the ribbon to the top's loop.

I used these awesome polka-dotted brown paper bags and some white tissue paper to gift wrap this beauty. What do you think? Would you make this for your friends, or yourself?

Happy Thursday Dolls!!!


Wedding Invitation | Christmas Ornament | DIY

I love wedding crafts! Just love them! Luckily a few of my girlfriends hove gotten married in the last couple of years, so this Christmas I had quite a bit of wedding related holiday crafts material. This beauty, I made for my girl Lindsay and her husband Eric.

Here is what you'll need to make your very own: one paper wedding invite, rotary cutter, scissors, one clear glass ornament, one round pencil, hot glue and gun [not pictured], thin ribbon in complementary to invite color [not pictured].

First thing you'll need to do is cut up the invitation in ribbons of various sizes. If possible cut around the names, places, dates etc. so they are intact.

The next step is super easy, but a bit repetitive. Twist the paper ribbons tightly, in a spiral fashion, around the round pencil. Repeat until no more paper is left. When you are done twisting, stuff all of the spirals in the glass ornament. I added gray ribbon around the top cap of the ornament and secured it with hot glue. Then I tied a bow, from that same ribbon, and glued it to the "front" of the ornament. You might want to also add a piece of ribbon to the top hoop so you have something to hang your ornament off of.

And TA DA! There you have it, a cute little keepsake to remind your friends of their wedding day and what a great friend you are =]. I used a small brown paper gift bag w/ polka dots to gift wrap it. I got these at Target.

Hope you enjoyed today's craft! Would you do this for your friends? Or even for yourself? Share your thoughts, I'd love to hear =]!!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday Dolls!


Wedding Crafts | Bouquet Christmas Ornament

You guys, I've been wanting to share this sweet wedding craft with you for awhile now. The time has come for Christmas crafts! This beauty, as you may remember, was my wedding bouquet and I cannot get over how pretty it was. I wanted to preserve it as much as I could and this is what I came up with:

My mom and I planted the succulents in two pots, one for her and one for me. They took to it right away and even have smaller ones growing on the sides.

The rest of the flowers I dried. There was no method to it really they were just left on a shelf for about 4 months. You might not need that long, but that was the time we went to Peru after the wedding. When I got back I picked the prettiest ones and snipped the stems off.

Now, these are the supplies I used for this project: a 4" glass Christmas ornament, the dried flowers, hot gun and glue, scissors, and some thin ribbon.

Next thing I did was to very carefully put the dried flowers through the tiny ornament opening. I then replaced the top back on, wrapped some ribbon around it and secured it with hot glue. I tied a bow and then hot glued it to the top. I also added a piece of ribbon, so I have something to hang my ornament off of. Now I have my wedding flowers for a long time =].

Happy Tuesday Dolls!


Cabo San Lucas | Part 1

I was looking at our Cabo pictures today, wishing we were back there. I am missing the sun, the fun & all of the friends we made. Our last day there felt like leaving summer camp and all your friends. Over dramatic as always, I know =], but boy did we have a good time! I wanted to share some beach highlights of our trip today, because tomorrow we will hit the ground running with wedding holiday crafts and later in the week Cabo | Part 2 is coming your way =]!

Happy Monday Friends!