Peacock Wedding Invitation | Christmas Ornament | DIY

Surprise! Today I have another wedding themed Christmas ornament! I just can't get enough. I made a few for my friends and don't worry you will see all of them! This one I made for Ashley, one of my bridesmaids. ENJOY!

This girl, if you can't tell, loves her some peacock's feathers. She made this beautiful wedding invite all on her own and I almost felt bad cutting it. Ok! So for this little project I used: one wedding invite + RSVP card and envelope, one glass ornament, one round pencil, scissors and/or rotary cutter, one peacocks feather, a small flower paper punch, hot glue and gun [not pictured], thin gray ribbon [not pictured]. I was also hoping to use some lamb's ear branches, the grayish sticks in the picture, but ended up not...

First thing I did was to cut up the invitation into strips of various sizes. I left the pink paper intact, so I could use the paper punch on it.

After I had cut out the strips and flowers, I moved on to twisting the paper strips around the pencil in a spiral. I did these one at a time and it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r!

The easy part came next. I added the pink flowers, the paper twists and lastly the peacock's feather to the glass ornament and replaced the top back on. To finish things off I wrapped a piece of thin gray ribbon around the outside of the top and secured it with hot glue. I made a bow out of the same ribbon and hot glued that too, to the presumed front of the top cap. I wanted to have something to hang the ornament off of, so I added a piece of the ribbon to the top's loop.

I used these awesome polka-dotted brown paper bags and some white tissue paper to gift wrap this beauty. What do you think? Would you make this for your friends, or yourself?

Happy Thursday Dolls!!!

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