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You guys, I've been wanting to share this sweet wedding craft with you for awhile now. The time has come for Christmas crafts! This beauty, as you may remember, was my wedding bouquet and I cannot get over how pretty it was. I wanted to preserve it as much as I could and this is what I came up with:

My mom and I planted the succulents in two pots, one for her and one for me. They took to it right away and even have smaller ones growing on the sides.

The rest of the flowers I dried. There was no method to it really they were just left on a shelf for about 4 months. You might not need that long, but that was the time we went to Peru after the wedding. When I got back I picked the prettiest ones and snipped the stems off.

Now, these are the supplies I used for this project: a 4" glass Christmas ornament, the dried flowers, hot gun and glue, scissors, and some thin ribbon.

Next thing I did was to very carefully put the dried flowers through the tiny ornament opening. I then replaced the top back on, wrapped some ribbon around it and secured it with hot glue. I tied a bow and then hot glued it to the top. I also added a piece of ribbon, so I have something to hang my ornament off of. Now I have my wedding flowers for a long time =].

Happy Tuesday Dolls!

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