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Afternoon Dolls! Could you have possibly guessed that I would have yet another invitation turned ornament to show you today?... Well I do, I SO DO! At first I thought I'd just do a compilation of all of them but, NAH, these turned out way too pretty not to be shown individually =]. I made this beauty for our dear friends Michelle and Robert. They had a beach wedding [as much as you can have one in Seattle] and I wanted this ornament to reflect that. Michelle was also one of my bridesmaids.

At this point you are probably familiar with the method, but I will show you what I did anyway. What you will need for this beach themed ornament: one wedding invite [cut up into strips of different sizes], scissors or rotary cutter, one round pencil, tiny seashells, one round 3" glass ornament, hot glue and gun [not pictured], thin ribbon in color of choice [I bought mine at Joann's, for $0.50 per roll].

First thing I did was to fill up the ornament about half way with some pretty shells I bought at Micheal's [you can also add sand first and then shells, but I didn't have any sand on hand]. Next I twisted all of the paper strips around the pencil to make spiral ribbons. When I was done with those, I added the twists to the glass ornament.

To finish if off I wrapped, the thin gray ribbon around the top cap and secured with hot glue. I tied a bow out of that same ribbon and hot glued that to the presumed front of the ornament. I also tied some of the same ribbon to the top loop of the cap, to hang the ornament from. I used the same brown polka-dotted paper bag as gift wrap =]

There you have it dolls one more, but certainly not the last, wedding invitation turned Christmas ornament. Hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know what you think and if it's something you might do!

Happy Monday Darlings!

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