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Merry Christmas Lovely People! Hope you are all having a great time celebrating with family and friends. Brian and I are headed to my parents house, but before we go, and as promised, I wanted to share the last wedding invite turned ornament I made this year. Here it is, last but certainly not least, the ornament I made for my lovely maid of honor Amaleah.

Alright, for this ornament I used: one invitation, scissors and a rotary cutter, one glass ornament, one round pencil, some dried flowers, hot glue and gun [not pictured], thin green ribbon [not pictured].

First I cut up the invite into strips and then I wrapped them around the pencil to make little spiral paper ribbons.

Next I added the dried flowers and the paper spirals to the glass ornament and put the top back on.

For a more finished look I wrapped the green ribbon around the top cap and secured it with hot glue. I also tied a small bow and hot glued that to the front of the cap. A small piece of ribbon was also added to the top loop of the cap so it could be hung.

I hope my little Christmas crafts have been entertaining and helpful to you. I am taking a little break for the rest of the week and heading out to see Brian's family. I'll see you darlings on Monday!

Happy Christmas!

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