DIY // baby shoes

Cuteness is all around this morning and these colors just make my so happy. Today I'm sharing the little ballet flats I made, well embellished really, for little miss Ava.

This is a great and inexpensive way to personalize a gift. When I bought these little coral shoes, they just had a simple string bow where the flowers now are. All I did was take the bows off, make the flowers and add them on. To make your own little flower shoes check out my tutorial on fabric flowers here.

I also made her a matching flower headband. I made this flower the same way I made the ones for the shoes, this one is just a tad bigger and with a different bead in the middle. Here, you can find a fancier headband with flower if you what something snazzier =]

TA-DA!!! Little Pink Shoes!!!

Happy Wednesday Dolls!

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