DIY // baby blanket

Afternoon! Today I'll show you the blanky I made for miss Ava. It is crocheted, but it is also super easy to make. Don't be scared. You can do it. I believe in you =]! This shape, or pattern, is called a granny square and I can't say this enough, but it is VERY EASY to do. A friend taught me how to crochet this and she had learned how to do it from youtube, so yeah, super easy!!!

This is a very small blanket, only about 22" X 22", but it is for a baby=]. Here is what you'll need:

for blanket:

Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn; 2 balls of 01004 Soft Ecru and 1 ball of 21010 Natural Stripes
an 8.00mm crochet hook
this easy to follow tutorial on how to do a granny square [I'm sure this lady can teach me how to fly a plane]

how to:

1. Started with the Soft Ecru and then alternate Natural Stripes and Soft Ecru every row.
2. When you run out of the Natural Stripes, finish the rest with the Soft Ecru. This is also how the video tutorial explains it so have no fear=]. I also made this in 2 afternoons, but you could finish it in a day.

for felt heart:
two 3" X 3" square of pink, or what ever color you want, felt
some pillow stuffing
 needle and thread [in contrasting to felt color]

how to:
Stack your felt squares on top of each other, draw a heart on the top one and cut the shape out
[through both squares]. The heart should be almost as big as the squares.
2. Next you'll want to embroider the name on the top heart. I got lucky with Ava being short,
but if you are dealing with a longer name it might get tricky, so maybe just do initials.
3. using a running stitch, stitch the two separate felt hearts together almost all the way around,
leaving a small opening.
4. Stuff the heart using the stuffing [duh, right?!], through that opening and finish the running stitch
on the heart.
Now that your heart is done, use the needle and thread to attach it to the blanket.
Try to hide those stitches in the layers of the yarn.

TA-DA!!! A lovely little baby blanket!!! I LOVE how she stuck her cute little fingers through the holes, I think she likes it. If you have questions, ask! I'm here to help=]

Happy Tuesday Darlings!!!


  1. That's so cute!! I'm definitely going to try this pattern out!

    1. Thank you Kelly! Please share your creation when you are done, I'd love to see it!