easy headband // flower power

Let's talk headbands. I got the itch to make one [or ten, don't judge=] when I saw this graffiti close to our apartment. I love the flower in her hair and thought "I can make that". I had also seen a tutorial for a braided headband  and wanted to try that out as well.

If you want to replicate this headband, this is what you will need:
an old t-shirt, or some jersey fabric
a silk flower
this tutorial by Make It & Love It for the headband
my tutorial for the flower
some pearls
needle and thread
a piece of felt
hot glue and gun

first thing, assemble your materials
second, pull up the tutorials
third, have fun
fourth, rock out your new headband

* if it's unclear, I hot glued the flower to the headband and then added a large piece of felt to secure them together and to give it a finished look=]

TA-DA!!! Cute and easy headband with a flower!

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

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