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So here we go again with the silk flowers! I just love them. There were a couple of weeks last month, when I was obsessed with them even more than I am now. I made about twenty!

I'll show you how I made them from regular (and kind of boring) silk flowers. The first ones I made were for some braided fabric headbands and I fell in love with them. I wear them in my hair almost all the time!

The first thing you'll need is a big silk flower, or two (I did a combination of soft pink and off-white).
Now pull it off of the stem and take the plastic center out. This way you can spread out all of the petals and pick the ones you want. I took the largest ones and cut the individual petals off.


Then you gather them in the shape you want (these petals curved in, which made the the finished product look like tiny peonies) and you stitch away! You can also hot glue them, but with these, it bled through and looked funny. Just keep adding petals until you are happy with the result.

For the middle, cut out some very small ones and stitch them together separately. Add to the main one after.

To make them even fancier, I sewed a pearl in the middle of each one. Once I had the flowers put together I cut out small circles of white felt and hot glued those to the bottom.


Now they are ready to be attached to headbands, shoes, hair clips, or whatever else your heart desires!

Happy Saturday Friends!!!

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