DIY // Wedding Invitations

It's time for some more wedding crafts. This week, it's our wedding invitations. I did some research, picked a favorite and decided it was going to be a DIY project.

Our invitation package included an invite, a details card, and a RSVP with envelope. For the floral design I used this free printable from download&print.

I bought the paper and envelopes at paper source and used Kinko's for printing and cutting [I did the cutting myself and used their large rotary cutter]. A word to the wise, make sure your paper is right for the printer you'll be using, ex. if using a laser jet printer, make sure you buy laser jet suitable paper. This is not hard to find info, but can be easily overlooked. 

I also made vellum sleeves with cream colored ribbons and a vellum overlay to go between the invitation and the details card [I may have forgotten to add them to a few invites...sorry guys=].


This is what the envelopes looked like when done. You can find a freebie download for the labels here. We also sent an invite to the president. To find out what they sent back, go here.

I ended up adding some extra postage, because of the knot on the ribbon. It turned out pretty cute and "traveled" looking.

Here is an approximate cost breakdown for 70 invitations:
Paper and Envelopes $117 [Paper Source]
Printing $15 [Kinko's and Office Depot]
Full 8.5"X11" sheet labels for labels $4 [on sale from Office Depot]
2 rolls of Ribbon $1 [from Joann]
The vellum I already had so it was free [find some for cheap here]
Total cost [without postage] $137, that's $1.96 per invitation!!! Can't beat that =]

Hope this was helpful and inspiring for any project, wedding or otherwise related!

Happy Wednesday Dolls!!!


  1. beautiful! I ended up using this for my wedding invites too! did a simple version with a thin lilac ribbon. thank you for posting!

    1. That's awesome! If you want to send me a picture of your invites, I can put them on the blog!