hair makeover

I had been growing my hair out for the wedding and was getting tired of having it long. I was excited to cut it, color it, to just do something different with it. This is what I did!

This is the "before" picture, long with some highlights under, or rather below the crown of my head.

Two days after the wedding, I cut off about 9" it was kind of a straighter U shaped cut.

TA-DA the "after", ash blonde with massive [for me] bangs! What do you think? Personally I want to go blonder =]

I asked Brian to take a picture, but I could not keep a straight face =] These are some silly ones of me.

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. I say go for blonder! I think it would look good on you, especially if you bring back the curls. Straight hair accentuated the shape of your face and defined your features. You look kind of bubblier when your hair was long and curly. Beulah May @ Bernard’s Salon And Spa

    1. Hey Thanks! I did go blonder and I love it!!