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 Since it is nearly the weekend, I thought it'd be great to talk wedding drinks. Where do you start when it comes to these celebratory libations? The budget, the availability, can you bring your own or does the caterer have to provide it? It all sent my head spinning when I thought about it.

Here is how to tackle this:

1. Talk to your venue and caterer to figure out if you can bring your own liquor/beer/wine.
2. In any case you will need a liquor serving license for the day, so get one of those it cost's about
$10 and you can get them online.
3. Decide if you are having signature cocktails, an open bar, or just beer and wine.
4. Figure out your signature cocktails and how many will you have. We had two, an Old Fashioned
and a Love Potion [I made the name up and really don't remember what the original was called, but
it was vodka, cranberry juice and ginger ale w/ lime].
5. Decide if you want to name your cocktails wedding related things, ex. "Something Blue", "Love
Birds", "Love Potion" and so on. These can get pretty bad and cheesy so you stay classy San Diego=]!
6. Design / pick out / buy / create in some way, signage for your drinks! You want to let your guest know what is available, rather than leave it to the catering staff to tell everybody. By bringing in your own drink menus you also create an opportunity for cute, personalized wedding detail pictures.

 These are a few drink menus I like quite a bit. You can check out our pick
at the top of the page:

And in case you have no idea where to start with cocktails, here are some delicious examples:

Rose Martini by Michelle Vantine

For more inspiration on drinks check out some of my favorite sites for wedding planning:
the knot
HUFF POST Weddings
a practical wedding

Happy Planning, Drinking, and a very happy Thursday=]!!!

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