Creative Wrapping + Gifts

Let's just say I hate throwing things out. Now I promise these are not first signs of hoarding [said every pack rat ever] but I love reusing everyday items for crafts. This is how I wrapped Brian's Valentine's Day gift, using butcher paper, tissue paper, washi tape & some twine.

I used a small punch to cut out tiny hearts for extra embellishment. I tied the twine in two spot to hold the card in place. Check out the card I made HERE.

This Vday was all about handmade gifts. What I made was inspired by this gift my friend Tara gave me for Christmas, from KeepCalmAndHangOn. It's spells out AMORE when you put your wedding ring in the middle where the "O" goes. All their frames are amazing, but for Brian I needed something...manlier! HAHA I used a frame I got at Michaels on sale, some gray paper, wood letter tiles, a small screw on hook, and glue. I distressed the frame a bit with sand paper, stuck the letters on and attached the hook. Super easy and it spells out his favorite word, zombie =]

Happy Monday Guys!

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