Valentine's Day Card | Freebie

I'm getting super duper excited for Valentine's Day you guys! This year my girlfriends and I got together for a craft day and made Vday gifts for the boys. It was tons of fun! My gift is handmade from card to wrapping paper and I wouldn't have it any other way =]!

Today I'm sharing with you a printable of the card I made for my zombie-loving husband. It's sure to put a smile on his face! Next week I'll reveal his gift, the wrapping, plus how I made it.

Download the card HERE.

I fount this design on Pinterest of course, but the link didn't lead to a souse. It wasn't just until a couple of days ago that I found where it came from. If you want, you can purchase the card [letter pressed wording and all] created by shopsaplingpress from their Etsy shop here. They are truly creative and cleaver and their cards look super fine =].

                                                           Happy Tuesday Darling Loves!!!

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