Handmade | Felt Animals

I've been wanting to make some felt animals for a while now. I have some felt, which I need to get rid of before we move. Ahh moving, packing, flying...my favorite! So what better project to use it on?! Now, I haven't actually made anything yet, but I have done a fair amount of looking. These cuties are my inspiration for what I want my creature to look like.

top to bottom 1/2/3/4
All of these, strangely enough because I wasn't trying, ended up being a collection of my favorite animals. Elephants, giraffes,
flying pigs, and narwhals...yes, that's right, narwhals are awesome. Watch this if you need proof =]

Have a Happy Tuesday Friends!!!


  1. eeee! these are so precious...can't wait to see with you come up with!!! narwahls ARE awesome. don't even have to click the link. already know what's there...BYEEEE BUDDYYYYYY! ;)


    1. oh I love that video haha just watched it again!