DIY | floral hair pins

You may have noticed by now that I have a thing for silk flowers. They are such a great base to start if you want to make your own little floral creations. After making countless flower for sashes, baby shoes, headband and what have you, I had a bit of random petals left over. And since I hate having anything go to waste, I made some super easy hair pins.

What you need to make one of these:

2-3 petal rounds from a fabric flower [store bought or stolen from your grandma],
needle and thread, a button, a bobby pin, small piece of felt, hot glue and gun.

How to put it together:
  • Stack petal rounds and stitch through all layers 2-3 times.
  • Set button on top of petals and sew through the holes. I did a cross stitch.
  • Cut out a half inch circle of felt [or adjust size to fit your flower].
  • Make 2 small parallel slits in the middle of the circle.
  • "Weave" the top "rod" of the bobby pin through.
  • Add hot glue to felt circle and glue to bottom of flower [you need enough glue to cover it, but not so much that it seeps out when you press it up against the flower].
  • Let hot glue cool.

TA-DA! You've got yourself some new hair accessories! A big "¡Gracias!" to my beautiful
friend and model Vivianne, I wish I had your gorgeous hair  =]!

Happy Monday Dolls!!!


  1. these are precious!!! i LOVE a good flower accessory in my hair! so fun!


    1. Thanks doll! They are super easy and fun to make!