Road Trip in the Andes

You guys, I cannot wait to tell you about this! Yesterday Brian and I went on a super fun road trip to the Andes with Andy and Jules. We went up to 4,818 meters, which is 15,807 feet! It's the highest above sea level I've ever been, well besides flying of course. It was kind of a long drive, because the roads are tiny and there were so many trucks on the road. We went up to the highest point on the road, the decent on the other side would have taken us to the jungle. All in all 8 hours, 298 km, and a super fun time.

Once at the top we got out to take some pictures. The air is a bit rare up there and my lips turned blue right away. Jules said it's because of the lack of oxygen, but it was also only 4 degrees C.
  Here is proof! The sign reads "Crossing the world's highest railway".
*sorry about the low quality iphone pictures, I'm getting a good camera soon =]
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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