High Five For Friday!!!


1. Gap Peru opened a month ago at Larcomar, which is a mall on the cliffs in Miraflores, and I finally made it in to check it out!!! Exciting!

2. It's barely pumpkin season and they are breaking out Christmas decorations here, I like it! I found these cute sugar dishes at the grocery store this week and just had to snap a picture =].

3. Tanya and I needed a pick me up this week...and only sushi would do it. We ended up at a place by my apartment called EDO. It was very tasty. We had miso soup, gyozas, spicy tuna rolls and two a bit more Peruvian inspired rolls, which were very good! We might have over ordered a tad =]

4. I found these adorable mint green flats to go with my floral mint and yellow skinny jeans. For $16, SCORE!

5. Over the weekend we bought another suitcase and now I am ready to start packing things away! We have 4 suitcases to fit the last 2 years in =]!

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Happy Friday Friends!!!


  1. LOVE the flats...LOVE sushi pic...! YUM! so happy i found you on the link-up! you've got a new follwer in me...YAY!


  2. Why do we have to skip thanksgiving! Its my fav holiday and its not even november and Christmas is already out!!
    Thanks for linking up today!

  3. Ashley Hoover05 October, 2013

    Dude I want sushi so bad, it looks so good. also so excited you needed another suitcase... your coming home.

    1. I know yay! Now we get to have some when I come home!