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I have to admit, I first started going to the farmers market when we moved to Peru and I now love it. When we lived in Seattle it just seemed like more of a fad and " Check me out at the farmers market, how healthy am I?!" haha maybe it's not the case, but that's what it looked like to me. Growing up in a small town in Bulgaria the farmers market, was simply "the market" where you always got the veg and fruit. It wasn't the popular thing to do, it was just where they sold the stuff. So in a small big way, thanks to facebook and instagram, I was turned off of the American-farmers-market-going notion.

With that being said and on a lighter note, HAHA, I love eating at the farmers market! Yes we buy stuff for the week, but my favorite part is getting lunch. Every time I try to get something different and I've scored every.single.time!!!

Here we have Brian sporting his UW Track and Field shirt =] also some pretty jars of tomato sauce and an empanada.

This Saturday I had a stuffed roasted red pepper with artichokes and other veg. It was very good, although the vegan cheese on top [what is that anyway?] tasted a little like what I would imagine rubber would...

Brian had a Greek pie with olives and asparagus. It was pretty good.

The only places to get food at this farmers market are vegetarian, this one happens to be vegan as well, and every time I am surprised at how good it tastes! I like meat.

I had to share this gem of a door knocker. I want! It's awesome and the door it goes with is even more awesome. It's just around the corner from our apartment, but I never seem to have my phone or camera when I walk by. Well this weekend I did.

Enough rambling for now.

Happy Monday Guys!!!

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