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You guys, I've gone and done it again, I've made another baby blanket! I had some left over baby alpaca yarn and decided to spend my last days in Peru packing and crocheting! I love to crochet so for every bag packed, I would reward myself by crocheting a ball of yarn [whatever was left over of it really]. I had one gray, one blue, a little bit of "camo" and some white. I wasn't sure If I'd have enough for a baby blanket but I did! This one is for a little guy named Dominic, who will be born this winter. I can't wait to meet him! 

This blanky is identical in size to the pink&white one I made a little while back. It is about 22" X 22". It's more of a comforting/snuggling blanket, because it will be out grown in a few months. If you want to make it bigger just keep on crocheting until you reach the desired size =]!

for the blanket you'll need:
2.5 to 3 balls of yarn in colors of your choice + a tiny bit of white [or contrasting color] for the outside border
this awesome and easy video on how to crochet a granny square
am 8.00mm crochet hook

how to:
I started with the gray and crocheted until I was out of yard, about 11 rows. Next I started with the blue and crocheted again until I was out of yarn, this time 6 rows. The third color I used was this camo-y green and brown. I crocheted 2 rows with it. I finished it off with 1 row of single stitch in white.

for the felt owl you'll need:
wool felt in 4 different colors. I used royal blue, lavender, teal, and white.
gray or black thread for the eyes
some pillow stuffing
2 white buttons
teal thread

hot to:
  • I folded over a 6" X 3" piece of blue felt and cut out the main shape of the owl. I didn't draw it on first, because this was a pretty abstract owl. If you want to have a more realistic looking one, sketch some stuff out!
  • Next I cut two wings out of the lavender felt, two small circles for the eyes out of white, and a tiny teal triangle for the beak.
  • I placed the circles where I wanted the eyes to be and sewed a button over each one, using the gray thread. This way they look like eyes. When done with the eyes, I added the beak.
  • I sewed the wings in place, however I only sewed the inside seam so don't end up with two outside seams when I connect the front and back of the body. For this I used the teal thread.
  • All I did next is sew the front and back side of the body together, when I was almost done I stuffed the owl with the pillow stuffing and closed the gap.
  • Lastly I attached the owl to one corner of the blanket using again needle and thread. When you do this, try and hide the stitches in the layers of the fabric.

And that's really all there is to it. I don't know if you can tell, but I tried to embroider a small "D" for Dominic on owly's  right facing wing. My embroidering skills need improving for sure =].

Have a Happy Crafty Wednesday Dolls!

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  1. Hi I love this blanket that you crocheted! The felted owl adds an extra touch too! �� Julie at julieslifestyle.blogspot.com