Weekend Highlights | Date Night

Our weekend was pretty uneventful really. On Saturday we went out and bought another suitcase, because HEY, we are coming home! And on Sunday we had dinner at a little Italian restaurant we found here, in Peru. The name of the place is Mamma Lola and it's super cute. My favorite part is that you can sign your name on the wall and if you give them currency from your country, they will stick it on the wall as well. Needless to say the walls were covered in signatures, coins and bills. The menu was pretty awesome too, a mix of Italian and Peruvian food. I had beef sauteed with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes and a side of yummy risotto blanco. Brian had a Pizza Neapolitana. To end the night right, we had ice cream for dessert! Vanilla and Strawberry topped with Dulce de Leche, whipped cream and let's not forget the cherry on top! With the Italian music playing, it felt very Lady and the Tramp like =]

Happy Tuesday Friends, I am off to make brownies with Vivianne! Yum!

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  1. cant wait to see the new post , Mariya with had a great time today :)