High Five For Friday!!!

You guys, it's Friday and I can't wait to spend our last weekend in Peru with Brian and our sweet friends. Next week it's going to be more packing and clearing things out. Can't wait =]. Here is how this past week went.

  1. Last Saturday we carved our cute little pumpkins and watched some UFC. I don't know if it was the fights or what, but my pumpkin turned out very scary! I'm oh so very excited for it =]

  2. Sunday morning was brunch time. I had Salmon Eggs Benedict [yum] and a cappuccino. Peru does espresso right!

  3.  It would seem I eat a lot and often, and that's all very true. I love good, pretty food. Fact. Jules and I went on the first of our many farewell lunches and this time it was at a vegetarian/organic place. It was epic. Cheese stuffed gnocchi with pomodoro sauce and a vegetarian moussaka with a simple salad. I mean...yea.

  4.  After lunch that day we were mostly trying to find dessert and some coffee =]=]=] and went it to the store that carries these beauties. Little "gold" roses in glass capsules. Precious.

  5. Oreo Balls. These are amazing! I made them yesterday and had to stop myself from eating them all. Picture and recipe courtesy of Undressed Skeleton, seriously this girl makes the best desserts.

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Happy Friday Friends!!!


  1. your drink and the oreo truffles look so good. I'm going to make some of those this weekend. Yours is the second post I saw of them. I cannot resist!

    1. Do it! It was kind of a pain dipping them in chocolate, but so worth eating them!

    2. I bet!!!
      I bought the frames you commented on from Pottery Barn. Thank you for your sweet comments : )

    3. I love Pottery Barn =] must stop in soon!

  2. true story: i once at so many cake balls that i almost vommed. at Bible study. yup. had to confess after seeing that pic ;)

    1. hahaha omg that's something I would do! I love them and can't stop eating them!