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Last week I made a diaper cake for my girl Lindsey's baby shower. After some pinning I devised a plan and combined a few different techniques/ideas.


* This tutorial is for the 3 tier cake and not the smaller 2 tier one!

65-70 Huggies diapers [next size up from newborn, these ones said between 8lb and 13lb]
12" round cardboard base
3 TP rolls insides OR 1 paper towel roll inside and 1 TP roll inside
hot glue gun and glue sticks
rubber bands [ I used the thin ones, because they stretch more]
tissue paper
whatever kind of decorations you want to put on your cake

First I rolled all my diapers and set aside. Taped together the TP rolls, then placed them in the center of the base and hot glued them in place.
*at this point cover your base in tissue paper, if using plain cardboard.

Next I added my first layer of diapers around the base. Started off with 7 and added more around those until I had 3 layers for the first tier. Add a rubber band to [or tie with string] each layer so they stay in place.

For the second tier I again started with 7 diapers around the base, rubber-banned the whole thing and added a second layer and rubber-banned that as well.

After adding the 3rd tier, there was a bit of the TP roll sticking out, I marked and cut where the diapers ended. The last tier consisted of only 7 diapers.

After the cake was done I added some tissue paper and ribbon to hide the rubber bands.

I had originally bought too many diapers and had enough to make a smaller cake as well! My friend Jules helped decorate them. We added baby shampoo and oil bottles w/ more tissue paper as toppers, little socks w/ ribbons and two ADORABLE toys.

So there it is, my first diaper cake!!! Or two =]=]=]

Happy Wednesday Darlings!!!

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