Ever find yourself looking for a necklace and it's just not out there? Or if you do find it, it costs a fortune? Well that was the problem, I'd been having. I just could not find what I wanted...

I was looking on etsy for inspiration and this is the final product! Well products really, I ended up making a few.

 Both of these are 17" long for the outer string and 15" for the inner one. They both have chains that are 5" long and are easily adjustable.

Here are the materials I used: some pretty beads, clear fishing line/wire, pliers, extension chain, a clasp, some crimp beads, and a few tiny silver rings.

All I did next was string up all the beads in the order I liked and...voila, pretty necklace!!!

And check out my sweet new jewelry box! I got it as a birthday gift from Linds and Dave, thanks guys (=! All the carvings are done in leather on wood.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!



I'm gonna be honest. I have a thing for bows, I am obsessed with bows! It's out there, let's move on.

What do you do with those ribbons/strings, which come attached to clothes when you buy them, meant for hanging, maybe...? Well I go home with said clothes and cut strings off, RIGHT AWAY. They bother me.

Now if you are like me, you would save those ribbons/strings until a worthy project comes along, when you can use them.

What I found they are useful for is little hair bows. All you need are bobby pins, ribbons and hot glue.

Tie a bow, wiggle bobby pin through the back of the bow, dab some hot glue, wear in hair or gift to friends, little sisters, daughters...whoever you think might enjoy a bow (=


Happy Sunday Friends!!!



 Calling all crafty book lovers! If you still read paper books you might be interested! I decided I was going to read The Hobbit again, with the movie out and everything I needed something to hold me over until part two. I couldn't find a bookmark to save my life. I hate folding the pages over and it drives me crazy using the dust jacket...I'm weird, I know.

Something had to give. I put the book down and made some cute bookmarks.

These are very simple to make. You'll need string, beads, some metal hooks [optional], jewelry pliers [optional], scissors, and something to measure with.

Measure the length of the book you need it for. Cut your string to size. Add the beads to each end and enjoy!

Come to think of it, you can probably use old earrings too. Take the hooks off them and attach string to the ends of each.

Happy Friday Friends!!!