Ever find yourself looking for a necklace and it's just not out there? Or if you do find it, it costs a fortune? Well that was the problem, I'd been having. I just could not find what I wanted...

I was looking on etsy for inspiration and this is the final product! Well products really, I ended up making a few.

 Both of these are 17" long for the outer string and 15" for the inner one. They both have chains that are 5" long and are easily adjustable.

Here are the materials I used: some pretty beads, clear fishing line/wire, pliers, extension chain, a clasp, some crimp beads, and a few tiny silver rings.

All I did next was string up all the beads in the order I liked and...voila, pretty necklace!!!

And check out my sweet new jewelry box! I got it as a birthday gift from Linds and Dave, thanks guys (=! All the carvings are done in leather on wood.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!


  1. love this!!! want one!!
    love Michelle :-)