I love, among other things, tassels! Because it's hat weather in Seattle and I am in Lima, I decided it was time to put some tassels on my oh-so-Peruvian hat. I bought it in Arequipa during our Easter vacation and I've been wanting to fancy it up!

Today is the day.

I took my tassel-less hat and some alpaca yarn (I live in Peru after all), then decided how big I wanted my tassels to be and made a loop twice the length of that. I had two different sizes of tassels, a small one (about 2" long) on top and a big one ( about 4") at the bottom.

I added yarn to the loop until I had the desired thickness.

I took my 5.5mm crochet hook and stuck it through one of the knitted strings. Then looped through the bunched yarn. It was a little hard at first and took some wiggling, but in the end I WON!

Then I tied a piece of yarn around both the pulled through yarn and the knitted string, to create the "top" of the tassel.

The bottom of the tassel was uneven. I trimmed it with a pair of scissors, holding the body of it in my fist and slowly cutting off the pieces that stuck out.

                                I did the same to create the bottom, bigger tassel and repeated for the other side.

                                        TAA-DAA!! Now I have a sweet hat with llamas and handmade tassels.

Watch out Seattle weather, here I come!

                                              P.S. The writing on the hat says "Huaraz", it's a town in Peru (=

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  1. milka atanasova03 November, 2012

    Very pretty!!!!beautiful:)))))))