I love me some teacups! I also have an almost unhealthy obsession with photographing my ring! Everywhere. I very much wanted to share with you the new additions to my teacup collection. However, when I was looking through the pictures I took of them this past summer...my wedding ring was in almost all of them. For this, I AM sorry...

When I was in Seattle, this summer, I found myself at Goodwill, searching for teacups. It's a good place for that sort of thing.

The one with the pink flowers is sort of special, on the bottom of it was written "Made in Occupied Japan". Wikipedia told me "At the end of World War II, Japan was occupied by the Allied Powers" from 1945 until 1952, and here you thought this was a craft blog.

The white and navy blue one was made in England in 1963. It's simpler in a way, not fit for a royal visit and tea with the Queen, but for those cold afternoons when you just want to sip tea alone. Maybe. Who knows?! That's the story I'm going with.

I was feeling a picnic-tea-party kind of way.

This one is my favorite, made in England in 1975, bought at Goodwill for $1.99.
I wish these came with a note telling you whose they were and how they made it to a second hand store in Western Washington. I feel a strange obligation to save all the pretty, lost things I see. It's always been my problem.

I'd love to hear about your obsessions and treasures! SHARE.SHARE.SHARE.

P.S. total cost for all three cups: a whopping 6 bucks!!!


  1. I have a little jewelry box that was a souvenir from my best friend's wedding.. And is full of Peruvian one sol coins with different designs. I love to collect coins and more if are from my country! :)

  2. That sounds really cool. I'll see if I can find one from Bulgaria for you! You are going to have to show me your collection.