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There's a girl I know (Carly)...who is having a baby girl.
A few weeks ago I had the extraordinary task of co-throwing her a baby shower. I was searching high an low, all over pinterest to find unique ideas for gifts, games, treats, etc. I came upon this very classy looking (for a baby anyway) pacifier and pacifier clip. I knew that this was it. I had to make it. She had to have it. It was perfect.

From the bead store I bought
1 strand of pink glass beads
1 strand of white pearls
together for under 5 bucks US!

From the baby section of the grocery store
(ha I know it's weird) I bought:
paci clip and pacifier
and bonus
super cute slate colored baby ballet flats on sale
all under $16 US

The little clip

* I find supplies in the most unusual of places. There's no Michaels here =( 

First I took off the plastic chain that was used to attach the
clip to the pacifier.

From there I added the string of beads I made. I doubled up the thread and used two crimp beads to secure it on either end. It's unbreakable! I dare any baby to try and spill these beads:)

Here is what it looked like with the new "chain", next I needed to attach the pacifier to it.

I made these pretty silk and pearl flowers to go on the shoes and the clip. They turned out great, I made them out of these big silk flowers I found on clearance at Wong (our local, awesome grocery store).
More on these in the next post!!!

I sewed a piece of felt to the bottom of each one and hot glued them to the tops of the shoes and this one to the top of the pacifier clip.

TA-DA!!! Pretty cool right?! Little baby Elianna is going to be the classiest baby ever!

This is how I had to plug in my hot glue gun. plug+transformer+adapter and then outlet!!!


  1. Carly Miller19 October, 2012

    Love it! Thanks Auntie Mariya! :)

  2. I like your blog!!! You'll have a lot to write..all the flowers you made are really nice!

  3. мама и тати21 October, 2012

    Много хубави неща мами,гордеем се с теб.обичаме те:))))