High Five For Friday!!!

My week was pretty uneventful, made a few things [mostly food], went a few places. Nothing to write home about really, but here I am doing it anyway! That's how I roll, ya! =] =] =]

1. I was going gluten free, right...well so much for that. I had and unopened bag of whole wheat flour and I really wanted to make something with it. It turns out it was meant to be cheesy beer bread! a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

2. Last weekend Brian and I made it to downtown Lima and did some souvenir shopping. We scored some alpaca sweaters with llamas embroidered on them LOL. Yes, there is a difference between alpacas and llamas; there are also the vicuña and the guanaco. They look different, but all are raised for their coats. You just learned something, you're welcome =]=]=] Anyway...the picture is of the cathedral at the main square =].

3. I've been getting my smoothie on, in my PJs, this week. Find it here.

4. Also I made my first [of many] turmeric+tamarind juice. It is so good and good for you =].

5. Yesterday I fell back in love with Kina Grannis. Not that I ever stopped ...uhh loving her?!...haha this is starting to sound a bit weird, but I spent most of the day listening to her CDs and she is the bomb.com! Have a listen over at www.kinagrannis.com.

Today I'm linking up with these cuties:

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Have a Happy Friday!!!


  1. smoothie-making and juicing??! bravo!!!!! both look rockin. get it, girl!

  2. Cheesy beer bread does sound amazing!
    Thanks so much for linking up with me today! Make sure you enter to win my giveaway from Wednesday, http://thediaryofarealhousewife.blogspot.com

  3. Can you share the recipe you used for that bread? I too have a bunchhhh of whole wheat flour in my cupboard.

    Happy to be a new follower!


    1. Taylor, thank you for following. I am now following you too =]. I'll have the recipe for the bread up on Thursday!!!

  4. Congratulations going gluten-free. I'm heading to Lima in March, I'm excited to visit - any great veg or local places to visit? I've never heard of Kina, but she looks pretty! - Rika

    1. hey thank you!! I'm trying really hard...but it's hard hahaha
      Lima has some great vegetarian places, this website has a map you can download to all of them.

      My favorite place is a vegan/gluten free place in Miraflores called AlmaZen. They are on facebook.