Fabulous DIY | Beaded Jersey Flowers

Darlings another fun crafting day is here and it's a good one. I'm showing you how I made these FAB jersey knit flowers, embellished with some beautiful pearls and crystals. I made these a few months back for Lindsey's baby shower as favors and the girls loved them! I'm also trying a different approach today. I tend to like blogs and posts, which have more pictures rather than descriptions. Here is my take on " A picture is worth a thousand words" =]

an old t-shirt or some jersey knit fabric
pearls and glass bead in various sizes
thin elastic band
needle and thread
hot glue and gun
small piece of felt

And there you have it, a lovely little headband. These can also be made in to hair pins, or even brooches. A little sewing tip if you want to achieve the same star/crown shape with your beads. After you are done sewing all of the beads in place, simply wrap your thread around all of the beads once or twice to pull them together. I did this both with the big and small flower.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Crafting Darlings!!!

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