11 Seating Chart Ideas | Personalised

It's Wedding Wednesday again! My favorite time of the week =]! This time we are talking seating charts. They are another great we to add a personal touch to your day. There are a few practical things to consider, beyond just what you like. Are you arranging your tables by numbers or alphabetically? Are you adding a graphic? Are you using escort cards or having a list? Whatever you decide on, here are eleven great ideas to get you started:

1. Big Frame it!


2. Little Frame it!

3. Chalkboard it!

4. Mirror it!

5. Window Frame it!

6. Favor it!

Escort card it!

8. File it!

9. Hang it!


10. Map it!

11. Illustrate it!

Hope this helps you with your wedding planning!!! Also, I randomly found a cute wedding blog with tons of more inspiration, check it out: hello may.

AND If you are curious what our seating chart looked like here it is:

Happy Wedding Wednesday Dolls!!!

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