Groomsmen Wanted | Freebie

As some of you may know, Brian and I are getting married this coming summer! I wanted to come up with a creative way for Brian to ask his groomsmen, you know something they would get a kick out of too. That's when I found this image on Pinterest (shocker, I know:), sadly it did not lead to a tutorial, or any downloads...


That's when I whipped up this baby. The supplies I used are: textured 80lb paper in ivory, hot glue and gun, ivory ribbon, scissors, 6" long cigars, tape, and the template to print on the paper [find said template at the bottom of this post]. I used Kinko's for printing, because the paper I chose is textured and my printer at home would have laughed at me. Also they have a super-awesome-cool paper cutter there, which helped a lot.

I took the ribbon, wrapped it around the cigar, cut to fit and hot glued it. The ribbon is really just for looks...um yea. Leave the cellophane wrapper on the cigar so it doesn't dry out, and you're not gluing directly on it....

I positioned the cigars with the ribbon being centered between the two brackets. Here I chose to use tape instead of hot glue to attach them to the paper. I was worried the hot glue would melt the plastic. I folded over some tape and it worked like a charm.

Using the template, two are printed on an 8.5" x 11" and measure to 3.75" x 9" when cut out. i made my own envelopes using butcher paper and they came out pretty good. Vintage and free! I made the label with this MS template, then I punched out a bracket negative. Because it's cool.

Here is Brian, proudly holding my our creations =] =]
Download the template HERE and HERE [they are two separate files; if something isn't downloading right email me and I'll send you it].

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!


  1. Would you mind sharing the cigar template?

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  3. I would LOVE this template! Its fantastic!

  4. I would love to use your template 4vyolet@gmail.com thank you! =)

  5. You are truly a life savor. I've searched high and low for these templates and I'm so glad that I happen to stumble across your site. Thanks for sharing!!!